LifePoint Church had over 350 adults connect to Small Groups from August 8 thru August 20th.  GroupLink happened on Sundays August 8 and 15th, but the calls and emails continued to come in from people wanting to join a group for the Radical church-wide study. The most exciting fact about this number was the majority of these people were not in small group previously.

  1. Turn it over to God: In June our GroupLife Leadership team began to pray for new hosts to start small groups in August.  That pray focus continued all the way through the two Sundays of GroupLink.
  2. Pastor led the promotion: Our Pastor read Radical by David Platt in the spring and decided it would be our campaign topic for early fall.  This raised the level of conversations around the office as well as comments from the stage.
  3. Involved all staff in promotion: We requested each staff member to read Radical and review their list of volunteers to discover who was not involved in a small group.   We worked together to help those volunteers not in a group get connected.
  4. Made connecting convenient: We conducted GroupLink on Sunday mornings 8am-12:30pm in the main hallway of our church. Each new group or open group had a high top table in the hallway with food and decorations describing their DNA.  People could connect to a group before, during or after any of our three worship services.

5. Requested Hosts to enlist 4 couples or 8 singles first: In the interview/orientation process hosts were challenged to write the names of those they want to invite to their group and then pray daily by name for them. Most groups had enough people to form a core group before GroupLink ever happened.

The challenge to connect people to small groups, while vitally important, is never easy.  We plan to adapt and repeat these steps every six months.