With 20 tables set up for people to converse about small groups and find one to join, we launched the next LifePoint churchwide series:  Radical.  Each day LifePointers and friends will be reading devotionals, a section of Radical by David Platt and praying to discover the answer to “How can I make my life count?”

Hundreds of adults connected to new groups, which will meet for the next six weeks either on-campus or off-campus to discuss Radical.  Many of these adults were not in a group prior to Sunday.  Others opened up space in their home or added chairs to the group so that more people could connect via a group.

Heard in the Concourse during GroupLink: “We are racking up with new people.” “This is awesome, I have met so many people who have never been in a group.” “I can’t decide which group to join.  My husband and I have to make this commitment together.”

The excitement about what God is going to do grew and we ran out of Journals. The Journals contain devotionals, daily reading suggestions and opportunities to journal daily what God is saying to you and showing you. (Restocking this Sunday.)

The Radical devotional readings begin today and I can’t wait to see how this will impact lives, cities and neighborhoods.

Giving people the chance to connect to others via groups is a joy and a requirement for small group pastors.  Working to solve problems with space, relationships, and resources can be a chore. But being part of what God is doing in hundreds of lives is priceless!

To experience this joy, give people an opportunity (time/place) to chat. Make groups available for others to discover and learn about.  Encourage people to get connected by sharing the stories of group.