Help your friends be more, know more, live more like, and be closer to Christ.  Discuss last weeks sermon.  Talk about what is happening in life. Learn from each other.  Share concerns. Laugh and cry together.

HOST a group of friends and/or neighbors through a Bible Study.

At LifePoint HOST stands for

H: home, open yours

O: operate a DVD player

S: serve snacks

T: talk

Hosting is not about teaching, lecture, bestowing knowledge.  It is about journeying together through a study that is taught via DVD and designed for discussion.

Hosting is not about you teaching a Bible Study at your home every week. It is about leading the group to rotate meeting locations, sharing food, and learning about God’s Word and applying it to your life.

Is God calling you to make your home and your life available for his use?  Consider who you could invite to a cookout or party to talk about HOSTing a group with them.