The top 8 reasons to join a Radical Small Group:

8. Because at one point in your life you dreamed of being a Radical.

7. Develop close relationships with other Radical people on your journey as a Christ-follower.

6. Find answers to your needs and a place to share your needs through prayer requests with Radical friends who become like family.

5. Get support in times of crisis or major changes from people who Radically care for you.

4. What a great way to build a Radical neighborhood, through BBQs and Bible Study.

3. Understand the Bible better through Radical discussion as you apply the Bible to your personal situations.

2. Demonstrate to your unchurched friends the Radical love of Christ in a non-church setting.

And # 1. Because this material is so Radical you will have to discuss it with someone.  So to keep you from loosing your job because of talking about Radical all the time at work, join a Radical Small Group.

LifePoint GroupLink is Aug 8 & 15 on all campuses:                                8:15am-12:15pm Smyrna Campus

9:15am-12:15pm Stewarts Creek Campus