Small group is a lot like family!

I mention this to some people and they think back to the people who they would not call family.  Or some thoughts go back to the spiritual struggles of each member.  But Community is not about a one hour meeting one day a week.  It is about knowing where in your group members are spiritually, physically, emotionally, relationally.

Our small group, started in August 2009, has grown in Community so much in these few short months, that on most days each of us can tell you where each of our members are. We know where each other works, our travel schedule, what the kids have going on, etc. But it doesn’t end there.

Emotionally: we can guess pretty closely what is happening with each other. We share many of our struggles and concerns in our meetings and parties. We celebrate graduations from preschool, great games and plays from their games, admire the new shoes of some members and joke about others who don’t watch the news because it “brings them down.”

Then there is the spiritual side of each person in our Small Group.  Some are considering baptism, others have recently been baptized, one even baptized one of his friends recently.  Others have been Christ-followers for years, even grew up in the church and are now considering serving.  Our children are growing in Christ and learning about community.  We even speak into each others kids lives often. Some of our children are asking questions about baptism and becoming Christ-followers, for which we are all praying.

Knowing where you group’s members are in these three areas will help you move with them to the next step on the journey.  Community like this is not usually found in social settings, in an academic class room, in an office suite. Community in a small group is something everyone around you longs for! What can you do to help?