“When are we meeting again, I miss Small Group?” This is music to my ears.  You are never really sure the group is having an impact on peoples’ lives until you hear a statement like this.

LifePoint small groups are encouraged to spend the summer investing in their ‘neighborhoods’ and meet at least monthly to stay in touch with their SG family.  So when a Small Group member stopped me last week and shared their desire to get together more, talk about the Bible and God’s activity more, I became really excited.  This seems to be happening more often than not among LifePoint Small Groups.  Groups have become like family in that they enjoy spending time together and growing more like Jesus together.

I was talking with a Women’s Small Group Leader who was having the same experience.  “You know we did that meeting every-other week for a while, but the girls in our group crave their time with others in their small group. If issues arise that threaten their small group time, they will cancel the other things and make small group the priority. Even in the summer we meet every week because they want to, not because I am scheduling it.”

This is another sign that Community is happening in your group when they do not want to miss getting together for Bible study, discussion and do life together.

What is your small group strategy for the summer?