Did you ever hit a home run?  Maybe yours was not on the baseball field. Maybe it was at work, in your marriage, as a parent or in another sport.  Hitting a home run is something we all get excited about and we always remember the first one of our life.

This past weekend the Smyrna Bugs got to experience a couple of firsts-in-my-life home run experiences.  It was the Global Sports Baseball State Tournament in Nashville.  We would have to win five games over the weekend to take the title of State Champs.  Head Coach Chris would be missing most of the games due to coaching his younger son, Brett, in their state tournament.  That meant that Coach Pete and Coach Wes would be leading the team.

We entered Sunday’s games 2-0 and would have three games on the hottest Sunday this year.  We faced the Hurricanes who were challenging to the Bugs bats into the third.  Stephen hit a home run in the third which motivated the Bugs to get four more in the fourth from batter 5-11.  Aaron and Brandon combined to hold on to the lead and get the win.

Then we faced the Murfreesboro Crush.  Steven led the game off with a home run which put the Bug through the roof! (His first two homer weekend) Then Gresham came up with one out and hit his first home run of his life. Now the Bugs were pumped and teeth were shining all over the dugout.  However Crush gained their composure and no more Bugs would score until the third.  Final Bugs 8-1 over Crush.  Dylan and Alex combined to win this semi-final game.

It was getting hotter. I mean it was HOT!! We would not have made it through the three games if it were not for Personal Assistants Todd and Jeff who kept the water bottles and wet towels going.  Added to this was the service of Graham’s Dugout Fan Co, which enabled us to stay cool enough to play all three games on Sunday.

It was on to the championship game against the Comets.  They brought their A-game. Bugs gave up 6 runs in the second and were trailing 6-4 through the third.  In the fourth Bugs scored 4 more tying the game at 9.  Bugs pitchers were tired.  We delivered up four pitchers before loosing 12-9 and coming in Runners Up in the Global Sports Baseball State Tournament.

It was a home-run for Coach Pete as his first official tournament at the helm. Coach Wes spent his weekend getting a home-run as first base coach.  The wives of Todd and Jeff discovered their husbands can probably hit home runs with the laundry and dishes since they were such great personal assistants to an entire team.  And the laughter and friendly jokes between the Comets and Bugs after the championship showed the home runs teams can have by keeping relationships first and the game in perspective.

What home run will you always remember?  What home run as a parent, as a husband/wife, as a co-worker, as a leader in your community will be the one that makes a lasting impression on you and those around you?  Hitting a home run is not always about athletic ability.  It is more about taking on challenges in life and totally focusing on turning them into something that can change a game, a life, a family, a workplace. Give it your all.  Try your best. Use what you have learned in practice (God’s Word, others Wisdom, Experiences, Parent’s advice, etc).  Go out today determined to hit a home run in your life.

Oh yea, Coach Chris and the Storm won the      State Championship.