The Bugs traveled to Jackson TN this past weekend and experienced a lot of things.  There were lots of hits on the field, lots of cannon balls in the pool, lots of water balloons at the Coaches and lots of diving catches on the field and in the pool.

We had two birthday parties, three swimming parties, and a lot of Bugs hanging on Coach Chris trying to dunk him. Yet they failed!

The Bugs returned home with a 3-1 record in Jackson’s V Foundation Challenge Tournament.  It was a pleasure to play baseball in the nicest facility we have seen in 2010, very organized and manicured facility!  Not only was it the best we have seen in appearance, but in service also.  Even the umpires were treated like rock-stars as they were picked up outside the dugouts by golf carts and taken the umpire den to cool off between games.

One terrible experience at The Old Town Spaghetti Store where the waiter dumped salad dressing in one of the mother’s hair and down her back.  No apology received.  The Manager never came by and actually avoided us as we exited the restaurant.  They even charged her for the salad and acted as if we were a burden to them. Won’t be back there.

Other than that, the weekend was a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE OF FUN! This was the true travel ball experience for the Bugs. Can’t wait for the next trip.