The championship game came down to the biggest rivalry in the state.  The last time they faced each other it was in the semi-finals and we made two errors for four runs in the first and never had a chance.  This time was going to be different.  We knew what we had to do, hit the ball and throw strikes!

We kept the lead until the sixth inning, 8-3. Gresham had pitched every inning, but when he gave up three hits in the sixth for 2 runs, it was time for a trip to the mound by Coach Pete.  Coach Pete asked Gresham “What are you thinking?” Gresham’s reply would have caused even Bobby Cox to turn around and head back to the dugout.  His response “All I need is one more out!” And with that focus, that confidence, that determination, and that energy, Coach Pete headed back to the dugout.

How many times have you got near the end of a task and could almost see the ending of what God had called you to do and not finished because challenges or tough times arose?  You spent weeks, months, maybe even years trying to ‘discover God’s will’ only to discover it and not stay on task to the end.

Discovering God’s will sometimes may seem difficult.  Ultimately, His will is for us to bring glory to Him and make Him famous. Prayer, Bible reading, conversations with other Christ-followers and even circumstances line up for what you need to do next…the next step on your spiritual journey…but we don’t take the step.  Things don’t go as planned. Tough times arise and we finish short. We give up and head to the dugout to let someone else finish our job, our call, our responsibility.

Over the last five months I have been writing Connecting in Communities, a book on small group ministry.  Through this journey my son was attacked, my wife’s company was threatened and I had two of the biggest challenges in my 24 years of ministry. Several mornings I woke up and thought “I can’t get this done. I am not going to finish this because it is hurting my family too much.”  But as I stayed in the trenches and plotted along day-by-day, because all I needed was one more day to write and in the end  I was able to meet the deadline for the manuscript.

Finishing what God has called you to do will be met with some hard hits and you may give up a few runs along the way. People may ask you if you think you can finish which causes you to question yourself.  God’s will is not about the easy way.  It is not about the smooth road.  Check out Acts 7:54  What is it that God told you to do? Your next step is…take that step, finish the task!

Oh yea, Gresham struck out the next batter, pitching complete game, finishing the task and Bugs win the Memorial Day Weekend Tournament.