The text read,  “Is our small group meeting tonight?”  I quickly replied, “Yes, at 6pm at my house.” The text was from the babysitter for our small group and she used the word “our.”  I was so excited that I called all of our group and told them she finally feels this is more than a job, she is part of our group!
She was sixteen years old and had a desire for God’s leadership and direction in her life.  She was involved in our church as much as she could afford.  As any teenager who just received her driver’s license, she had to get a job to pay for car and gas to put in it.  Her first job was babysitting for a few families at church.
Our small group was made up of young families who had a lot of kids.  We struggled with how to take care of the kids during our small group meeting. The wives would take turns going in the other room or backyard and entertaining the kids while the other lucky adults got to have Bible study.
Then one of the parents thought of a girl at church who was a good babysitter and might be willing to babysit during our Bible Study time.  Our first question was how much to pay her.  We discussed it for a while and came up with a plan.
Although our small group time can go two or three hours total, she only had to babysit for the one hour of Bible Study.  This would keep the costs down and enabled all the wives to participate in the study.  We still struggled with the how much we should really pay her.  Finally we discussed paying her five dollars per family, no matter the number of kids.  She was able to walk away with $25 or $30 per week for one hour of serving.  She was happy and always did a great job.
She was always faithful to the group, showed up on time and would hang around after her allotted time, just to talk with adults and be part of the “family.” I felt there had to be something more we could do for her.  There had to be a way for this to be more than a job.
Finally we came up with a plan that had much more impact in her life for a longer period than the $25 or $30 would last her. We would impact her life for a long time by helping disciple her.  We decided to pay her way to our church’s summer student camp.

When I told her what we were planning to do she, and her mother, almost cried. Her small group had just become a little more like family and made a memory for the next generation.

How can your group impact the next generation?