As I am writing on a book for small group pastors and leaders, I did want the blogging world to go unnoticed for too long.  Today’s post is a story taken from the book to help you remember what summer is all about for a small group.  It is an opportunity to meet others, share with others and throw parties.

Kris Dolberry and I will be leading a seminar at the Stewarts Creek Campus on Sundays May 16 & 23, 5-7pm for any small group or small group leader who would like to discover how to impact your neighborhood this summer.  The following story could be yours come August.

We hosted a block party, it was a cook-out at the Commons Area.  We just put a flyer on everyone’s door inviting them to the cookout and to bring hotdogs, drinks and ‘fixins’ for their family.  We provided grills and tables. Nearly 100 people attended, met new neighbors and shared life stories about the neighborhood awarded prizes.  We even rented an inflatable for the kids.  People stayed later than we thought and had to walk home in the dark.  We are now planning a July 4th event and possibly a camp-out.

We met new people and started a small group. As we planned this cookout we discovered neighbors who also attended LifePoint church.  We asked them to help with the party and then invited them to join our small group.  It is so much fun to be able to walk to small group.  To see others in your small group on an almost daily basis.  Now when we pray for our neighbors, we actually know their name and some of the issues for which to pray.

This could be your story.  Need some help, how-to or encouragement?  Come to Stewarts Creek Campus Sunday at 5pm.