**Warning: This blog post has led some to tears.”
When I was driving home from work this morning I was barely keeping my eyes open. Thank God the other people blowing their horns ‘and pointing their finger at me’ at me kept me awake. Evidently a lot of them think I’m #1. I was thinking about how nice it’s going to be to have a weekend off so I can get caught up around the house. Travel baseball is so time-consuming and we sacrifice so much.
My son Brandon has had a plan since he was 6 yrs old, he’s going play for the Atlanta Braves. His 2nd grade teacher told him it would be wise to have another plan. He said “OK I’ll make into the Hall Of Fame, too.” His 3rd grade teacher said maybe you can be a writer for the Braves. He said ” I’m not a writer, I’m a player”.  If for some strange reason plans A and B don’t work out and he plays all the way through High School, this time next year our family’s baseball will already be half way over. WOW.  It only feels like it was yesterday when he was 4 and our 3rd base coach sent him home, so he ran straight into the dug out.
At our second practice with the Smyrna Bugs, some guy I didn’t know told me the Smyrna Bugs are more than just a baseball team “we’re a family.” I just smiled  and thought “he’s weird better stay away from him.” It didn’t take long to figure out Wes and I were both right.
Who am I trying to kid??   The yard work can wait. I have already checked the teams for our next tournament ‘and I am ready to play.’
Grow slow Bugs. I don’t want it to ever end.
By Father and Guest Blogger: Jeff