At LifePoint there are various opportunities to grow in Christ.  We have designed a Journey map (based on Willow Creek’s model) that helps us design classes, small groups, gatherings and material to help people on their spiritual journey.  Each of us fall somewhere on this Journey map.

The Journey:
Exploring: I believe in God maybe, not sure about Christ yet.

Beginning: I believe in Jesus, accepted him, working on what it means to know him.

Growing in Christ: I feel really close to Christ and depend on him.

Christ-Centered: God is all I need in life. Everything I do is a reflection of Christ.
Here is a self-survey that could help you discover what things are helping or hindering you: Are you satisfied with your life? Are you inviting others to church? Are you serving in the community? Are you giving? Do any of these
reveal issues in your life that are obvious next steps that need to be taken or stopped?  This may be your very next step on the journey to spiritual growth.
LifePoint commits to helping people make the next step on the journey by: •Making spiritual growth a priority  •Receiving avenues for feedback about your journey •Help you find your calling   •helping you do what you love to do.

Along with this we also acknowledge that the ONLY thing that can fill the gap between reality of where you are and the vision for Christian life you dream of is:  PERSONAL ENGAGEMENT IN THE BIBLE!  LifePoint has and will continue to keep the Bible as the lead Core Value and the priority in any class or group.

Some of the first questions that will help you on the journey are:  Have you completed Discover LifePoint?  Have you joined a Small Group (on or off campus)? Are you spending time in daily devotion/quiet time with God?
So will you commit to helping each other take the next step on your spiritual journey?  The personal issue is will you/I take the next step? There will be classes beginning April 7 that relate to this Journey map that may be your next step.  Review the classes on-line and RSVP today for the class to which God is leading you.