“Can I be in more than one Small Group?” is a question comes up at least once every three months.  My quick response is usually “Can you be in more than one family?” Small Groups are not about how many you can ‘attend’ in a week.  They are not academic, but relational.  They are not a meeting to complete, but a life to share.  Here are a couple of reasons that you can’t, shouldn’t, probably rather not be in more than one Small Group.

Practically: time won’t allow you and your family to be in more than one Small Group.  Each week there should be something happening with your Small Group. Between the Bible Study meeting, the social/party, the service project and just doing life-together, there is not much time left to share your life with another group.

Emotionally: by committing to a Small Group you are saying that I will be at the group meetings but more than that you are agreeing to seek authentic, Christ-centered community. The relationships in Small Group should go beyond the discussion of the Bible at a meeting. Daily you will be praying for each other. You will grow together like family to the point that you become comfortable enough to share all your hurts and pains, joys and excitements.  You will begin to be more transparent with each other, thereby helping hold each other accountable along the journey to being more like Christ.

One final thought: There are many people in every neighborhood and church who are not in a Small Group. You might want to consider sharing the space and relationship opportunity by investing in them and starting another group.