In 2005 I had the honor of returning to a church that I had served for five years previously. Upon my return, I learned that things were a little different.  I had left a staff of six and returned to a staff meeting of 30 people.  The staff meetings were lengthy and a lot of details were discussed.  We would cover the calendar and people who needed ministry, surgeries and dreams.  A few life-transformation stories would sneak into the conversation, but for the most part we were discussing details about events and ministry programs.

In 2007, we made a transition to a Senior Staff and ministerial staff.  During this same time I was seeing relationships develop with people from across our nation who were challenging us to share God stories often.  Over time you would began to hear God stories in each Senior Staff meeting.  We also began monthly all staff meetings with over 35 people attending.  As time passed, more and more God stories of people’s lives being transformed would be shared in this All-Staff meeting as well.

In our most recent all staff meeting I saw a dream come true.  There were so many God stories that people were begging to share and time was running out for our staff meeting.  Stories of teenagers impacting their entire small group, children causing their parents to attend church, people in the hospital impacting others for Christ, ministries seeing growth and tremendous life change inside through ministry efforts of Small Groups and divisions.

What if we had never had the challenge to tell God stories?  What if we had never started sharing the stories causing others to begin to watch for God stories? When do you share God Stories in your staff?  How much time do you allow for God Stories in your Small Group?  In your life?

All-staff meeting is one of those monthly meetings I now look forward to as I get to here from all divisions what God is doing throughout LifePoint Church and our community.