The weather hit 60 degrees.  The sun was shining. The Smyrna Bugs came dressed in their new uniforms. (and in case you were wondering about the hats, the boys went with the curved bill). Parents were dressed in red and black.  The field at McMurray Middle School was in excellent shape, as always.

The boys had united for a lot of hits and superb defense on Saturday.  This enabled the Bugs to enter the Sunday tournament as #1 seed.   After a win post-lunch, the Bugs waited for the other semi-final game to be played.  During that time the parents sat around talking about the cool uniforms and wonderful hitting and fielding that the Bugs had put together.  Several laughs could be heard as parents shared stories and even a soft voice of how neat it was to see the bonding of the team.

Then it was to the championship game against the Nashville Knights, probably the hardest hitting team that I have seen.  Most teams have one or two boys who can crush the ball, the Knights have many.  The Nashville Knights should be respected as a well-rounded, hard-hitting team of strong boys.

Pitchers Gresham and Justin combined to get the win.  The bats were hot and defense even hotter.  Steven made some “Willie Mays-Hays” catches in center field.  Chase blocked more pitches that were in the dirt than the average MLB catcher does in a week.  Bryce stretched to make a crucial catch. Brandon diving to cut off a grounder up the middle. Luke ran down a long fly ball in right as Aaron ran down line shot to left.  Patrick was focused and made the force out at second that stall a drive.

In the end the Smyrna Bugs won the Capitol City Opening Day Tournament and learned what a good defense can do when their offense is hot.  Way to go Bugs.