The boys took the field Sunday for a double-header in 31 degrees.  One knuckle ball pitcher said he did not mean to throw the knuckle ball, “my fingers were frozen in that position.”  Parents felt the cold as well as they sat motionless in the stands.

The Bugs enjoyed the games nonetheless, because they love baseball and enjoy competition.  The winter workouts were obvious as we only had 2 errors in as many games.

I realize this is an early time to be playing baseball, but it did inspire the families of LifePoint Church who participate in travel teams (soccer, baseball, softball) to get their Chapel material together and be prepared for Sundays activities.  LifePoint has people who will be available to lead chapel services/prayers for travel teams that has to miss worship services on Sunday mornings.  The Bugs usually follow the guideline “if you are playing during worship times, we will have chapel/prayer before or after one of the games.”  We realize there are a lot of people involved in travel sports and this is a way to keep the focus on God and not just on winning.

If you participate in a travel team that plays on Sundays (or during your church’s worship hours) could you lead a chapel on Sunday for your team? Could you enlist someone to be the chapel leader?

If your team needs a chapel leader, please contact me for more information.

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