You just launched your new Small Group with the church-wide series on Luke 6 called “Exposed, Life on the Inside.”  OR you may have added to your group via GroupLink and started this series. You have just completed your first meeting and are thinking (you may call it ‘worrying’) about what to do next or how you will do things differently next week.

1. You will be receiving a GroupLife Report this week via email link.  Let your Coach know  how well people connected and what were some of the high points during the time together by filling in the areas on the report.

2. Next you should pray each day for a different group member.  Praying daily by name for those in your group will keep you focused and continually bring your group before God.

3. In your next meeting look for a way to practice the Small Group Principle of “Share the Load.” Think about everyone in your group and what you think they love to do.  There are some who can plan a menu, organize a party, coordinate meeting locations, contact the babysitter (we have a list of babysitters who were recently trained by UT Extension) or assist you in leading your group.  Contact them individually before next meeting or chat with them about a role during social/casual time of your next meeting. Don’t lead everything yourself, share the load.

4. Read through Luke 6 this week and review next week’s study.  Watch the DVD and what God is wanting you to focus on for the Group.  Think about each member of your group and ask God to speak to each of you this coming week.

5. Register for the Small Group Luncheon on Feb 28 (Smyrna Campus) and March 7 (Stewarts Creek Campus). RSVP here You can invite your entire Group to attend with you.

Working through these five items will put you a long way on the journey of leading a Small Group.