LifePoint Church begins new series “Exposed, Life on the Indise” this Sunday.   All Small Group, whether you meet on campus of off campus, will be journeying along together through this study of Luke 6.  Each Sunday will share in worship and celebration of what God is teaching us through the sermons and music.  Then everyone has the opportunity to gather in Small Groups for the discussion of these verses as well as application and accountability for each participant.  Beginning Feb 15, each day we will participate in daily devotions with God and the study of Luke 6.  Are you a part of LifePoint?  Are you ready to take the next step on the journey of being a Christ-follower by participating in this church-wide study?

Here are the top 5 things you can do to be part of this series:

1. Purchase your devotional at the Crosswalk or download it from  or sign-up for it to be emailed to you at

2. Read through Luke 6 weekly.

3. Join a Small Group this week at GroupLink or attend the Super Group in the HUB at 11:00am each week, beginning this Sunday.

4. Invite friends and neighbors to be part the study.  You can invite them to your Small Group and/or Worship so that they have the opportunity to learn more about Christ and life as a Christ-follower.

5. Pray daily for your family, your Small Group and church staff as they lead and participate in this church-wide study.