The call came this week for Pitchers and Catchers to report to duty.  We beat the MLB pitchers and catchers by a week! Those old guys can’t seem to get going as quick as the little guys.

Although the weather outside is frightening the Bugs are early preparing for their first tournament on February 28, 2010.  Yes, I said February.  A special one-day tournament is to be held at Cane Ridge Park, weather permitting of course.  I guess you could call this an exhibition game for players, coaches and parents who have waited all winter for some baseball.

Either way, tournament or no tournament, the Bugs are back in action with focus on pitching qualities of proper form, arm strength and velocity.  Catchers will be stretching those hams and breaking in the ole mitt for the next few weeks.  Coaches will be working to help each player excel at the game and grow in preparation for life.  Parents will be busy finishing up the annual sponsorship enlistment.

Ladies and Gentlemen it is BASEBALL SPRING TRAINING once again!