Our boys love sports.  They love competition.  They love to play together and have fun.  The news of the Haiti Earthquake, photos and stories that came from that terrible event has drawn their attention toward something else. Helping others.

We began our Spring Training (yes in January) for the 2010 season with all conversation on what we needed to work on for the upcoming season.  At the end of this opening practice Coach Cobb’s wife, Susan, shared about Haiti and how the Bugs might help.  The challenge to the boys was to give of their own money to help others.  So far the 10 yr olds have given over $100 of their very own money.  We will send the money to the Baptist Global Response efforts.

Why would 10 yr olds give their money to help others?  Well, I think it can be described well by the definition of four types of teams,  as described recently by Vandy Baseball Coach, Coach Corbin.


“Subgroups>there are many clicks on the team, not a solid core.”  Even coaches can become a click unto themselves.

“Good Subgroups> have a solid core of players who are united for the teams effort.  Not all kids or any coaches at this level of team.”

“Great Subgroups>have strong inner circle with most of the players and a few of the coaches in this inner circle.  These teams might win some big games, but not the ultimate level of team, yet.”

“Legacy teams> every player has a vision for the team. All players are part of the core that makes this team, including coaches and parents.” In my world that is called family.

The Smyrna Bugs are a lot like family and striving to be a “Legacy Team” not only on the field, but in life.  That is the reason they can rally around the hurting of Haiti and support them from their little heart and piggy banks.  A family sticks together.  A Legacy Team is for the long-haul, in and out of season, winning or losing, good days and bad.

Where does your team rank in the subgroups?  Can you work to build more unity and ‘family’ among your team?