GroupLink @ LifePoint Church for January 31 & February 7, 2010 has brought a variety of people out to HOST as well as join Small Groups.  People are already calling in to share their interest in joining a Small Group for the next church-wide series.

This Sunday the Concourse will be filled with people full of excitement .  People seeking Gods direction for their life and family in relation to Biblical Community.
Small Groups are tasked with accomplishing Discipleship, Community and Service. The Community need in each of our lives is one of the things God uses to draw us to join a group.

There will be 14+ groups at Smyrna campus and 6+ groups at Stewarts Creek Campus waiting to talk to you.  Attend worship.  Read over the list of groups, their life stage, location and day of the week they plan to meet.  Circle a couple of them you want to meet and proceed to the Concourse after worship.  Talk with the leaders you have noted and decide on one group to be part of for the six-week series “Exposed, Life on the Inside.”

Come this Sunday looking for God to work in your life and the life of a friend.  Be open to the next step on the journey of following Christ.