How can you make an eternal difference in a friend’s life? How can you help neighbors and friends experience the hope that is found in Christ?  What made a difference in your life of becoming Christ centered?  May I suggest a Small Group experience?

If you have been part of LifePoint Church for very long you know the value we place on Small Groups.  Chances are you are in a Small Group if you are an actively participating in LifePoint.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an impact on your friends and neighbors that was not only fun, life changing, but also lasting? Then be a HOST for the next church-wide series “Exposed, Life on the Inside.”  Groups begin on February 14th.

By HOSTing you can open your home for six weeks and operate the DVD player for all the teaching, serve a few snacks and talk about Luke 6 with friends and neighbors.  Did you see it?  HOST:  open your Home, Operate a DVD player, Serve snacks, Talk.

Think about it.  Pray about it.  Just do it! This Sunday come by the “Exposed, Life on the Inside” Groups table and sign up to HOST a Small Group for six weeks.