A common concern for Small Group Leaders is “Am I doing all that I am suppose to? How do I help the people in my group grow spiritually?

Recently I was asked to complete a health survey for my Small Group. It was similar to this one designed especially for groups of LifePoint Church. The thought of evaluating my Small Group in relationship to Christian disciplines and growth was not something to which I looked forward.  Somehow this seemed either judging them and/or evaluating my leadership abilities.

Well, once I got past all the self-evaluation in my mind, I took the survey.  To my surprise it was one of the best steps I have taken in leadership of my group.   It immediatly gave me information  to know what we needed to work on,  to pray for and talk about with our Small Group. Suddenly I felt like a leader who had a direction for the discipleship of his group. With the help of the LifePoint Curriculum Guide, I could easily choose our next study that would help our group grow in our most weakest area.

This may something that would be helpful for you.  You can use the health chart at Groupleader.org to learn more about your group.  Download the survey first.  After a short review you can choose to take the survey for your group, ask certain leaders in your group to take the survey and/or give out the survey at your next group meeting.  Either way, I believe it will be beneficial to you and your group.