Once again I get to see a new year come into being. Once again I started a workout routine.  I pledged to eat better, exercise more often, pray for people more, have a daily quiet time every day, listen more, share more of the God stories that are happening around me; to spend less and save more; be a better father, husband, servant, neighbor, coach, citizen, colleague, friend and accountability partner.

Good thing this is a new year because that is too much to accomplish in a new week or even a month.

Really, these are part of a normal day in the life of a Christ-follower.  As I review these pledges I have to realize these are expectations that I would love to live out and see lived out in people around me.  So of them require community time.  Most of them require personal time and/or focus.  All of them are a challenge to be on a constant learning and improving journey.

Improving in many aspects of life is tough.  I have a plan for each of them.  I have an accountability partner for each of them, a person who will check up on me each week or so to see how I am doing.

Where will 2010 take you?  Do you have goals, pledges, challenges?  Do you have someone to walk with you, call/text/DM or even, if necessary, Facebook you on these plans?  Look at what you have been given this year.  Jot down some goals and put on your refrigerator or mirror.  Ask someone to check on you in these areas often.

May 2010 be the best year of your life!