How do I connect more often as a neighbor?  How can I  get to know my neighbors a little deeper?  When do I have time to get to know my neighbors?  Well, one answer to all these questions is the Holiday Open House.  It is quick, easy, and cheap.  It is something that does not take a lot of time to prepare or for them to commit to.

Lisa and I had our annual Christmas Open House a couple of weeks ago.  We took a Monday night and offered it to as many neighbors as we could think of and/or had email addresses.  Nothing fancy, just a lot of Sam’s Club appetizers, coffee and cokes.   (Lisa always worries about the food. I try to tell her it is about he fellowship, not the food.  But she is the lady of the house!)  We personally asked some of the neighbors we knew well to bring their favorite dessert to help add to the food choices.

People began to drop by, grab a drink, sit and chat.  I was amazed at how many neighbors I knew yet they did not know each other.  Before long the two hours had passed, several neighbors had stopped by, and many introductions were made.  I even met a new neighbor who showed up at church Sunday.

There is something about having people in your home that makes neighborhood a little stronger.  Think of an event you can host an open house.  Maybe it is New Year’s Day, Super Bowl Sunday, or something unique to your neighborhood.  Send a few emails. Buy a few appetizers (it is about the fellowship :-)) And get the coffee started.