It has begun. The Smyrna Bugs kicked off their winter workouts yesterday with a little stretching, throwing, remembering and having fun. It only took a couple of hours to get the boys ready and excited about the 2010 season.

The afternoon began with a brief overview of the 2009 season with a 41-7 record.  Coaches and parents were excited to see the USSSA power rankings report at  This gave the afternoon workout an extra burst of energy as the Bugs placed #1.

Although the Coaches received a great workout while challenging the boys to throw them out, the highlight of the day may have been the new uniforms.  Each kid got to try on the new jersey and hat and vote for flat or rounded bill hats.  You will have to show up at the first tournament to see how the votes landed.  You might be surprised!

2010 Season tournaments to be announced soon as well as opportunities for sponsorships for the Smyrna Bugs.  Stay tuned!