Some of my friends are unemployed, or better known now as ‘in transition’.  Many of them are in Small Groups and have shared about the encouragement they receive. Part of ‘Community’ of Small Groups is caring for each other.   These groups have gathered around them and encourage them with prayer, support, networking and food if needed.  That is what families do.  That is what friends do.  That is Community.

In addition to the support a Small Group can give in times of crisis, LifePoint Church continuously seeks ways to be relevant and helpful to all aspects of people’s lives.  One example of this is by searching out more opportunities to assist those in transition. I recently attended the local Transition Group where Elisa Walden was the guest speaker.  I was surprised and encouraged by the many who spoke of their strong faith and how they ended this time with prayer.  I discovered many resources, networks and ideas to help you gain employment.  Here are a few:

Career Connections Group = This is a group led by Randy Allen at the Career Advancement Center.  They have a different speaker each Monday morning at 9:00. (615) 898-8081

Society of Human Resource Professionals = SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) there is a Middle Tennessee chapter There is a HR-specific transition group that meets every other Monday morning in Brentwood at Right Management.

Cable Network = This is a women’s networking organization.  There are chapters in Nashville and Murfreesboro.

Career builder = is a job board that some companies use. Another well-known one is

-Linkedin = is the professional version of Facebook – a business person’s networking site where you can create a profile, connect with other professionals you know, and by extension, to other professionals they can introduce you to from their networks.  You can also collect and write recommendations, ask and answer questions, gain access to groups of other professionals that share something in common (other trainers, people who used to work at a certain company, etc.)

Linkup and Indeed = is a job board that compiles job listings from company websites.  Compared to, which compiles job listings from job boards such as CareerBuilder and Monster.  It’s a faster way to access numerous job listings.

Chambers of Commerce=your local Chamber of Commerce can provide employment information as well as community information to help in networking.

Business cards= have your own business cards with you at all times so you can give them to anyone anywhere. Never overlook a brief encounter with someone at the mall, give them a card.

Elevator pitch= another often overlooked opportunity.  Practice your brief pitch often and be ready to share. Share a business card.

One resume not multiple with a high level view, but tweak the cover letters for each mailing.

Angel Food ministry= Angel Food Ministry provides food for friends and neighbors who were struggling financially. Today the Angel Food program now is helping provide food relief to more than 500,000 families each month.

Reply or Comment= watch for articles or news coverage on companies who you have or wish to send resumes.  Comment or reply to these articles complimenting them on the story.  This could be the first step to communications with that company.

Keep records = track where and to whom you have sent resumes, had conversations, returned calls, etc. This could be valuable in the future.

Keep emotions out of interview =Do not let your emotions about your former employer come out in the interview.  God has a bigger plan for you.  And no one wants to hire a complainer.

Identify your skill gap = what are they looking for?  What skill needs can you discover from the posting?  What is your gap? Be prepared to offer solutions to fill your gap or fill the gap before the interview if possible.

Hope these words help you or your friends as they search for employment. “Remember God is not surprised by this event even though you did not see it coming.”