A common question among Small Groups is “We just finished our current study, what do we do next?”  We try to make it as easy as possible to answer this question at LifePoint Church.

1. We offer a Small Group Health Survey on Groupleader.org. This health chart can be taken ‘by’ or ‘for’ your Small Group by you.  It will give you guidance on which area you need to focus and how to choose your next study.

2. Christmas and January suggestions: -Purpose Driven Connection magazine has a three-week DVD driven study on The Purpose of Christmas (available at The Crosswalk bookstore of LifePoint Church or purposedriven.com/pdcsub).Jesus, the Early Years by Serendipity                – Take it to the Limit by Andy Stanley, DVD

January:  –Life You’ve Always Wanted by John Ortberg                                       – Life Rules, by Andy Stanley, DVD                                                                             – Twisting the Truth, by Andy Stanley, DVD.

3. Two Church-wide studies a year:  Each year we offer at least two church-wide studies in which every group is asked to participate. In August and January a Group Link event is followed by these 5-6 week studies.  For new groups we practically require every new group go through Great Beginnings by Serendipity. This is a great 6-week study to help new groups  develop a sense of connection.

4. Plan Ahead: A major issue is lack of planning, whether by the staff or by the group.  We are now offering a twelve month plan (as much as possible) for groups as to when they need to decide on Discipleship (what study to do next) Community (suggested party times) and Service (ideas for serving your neighborhood or schools).