Your first six months in a new small group is very similar to your first 6 weeks of dating.  A lot of smiles, weird feelings, politeness and avoidance if uncomfortable with the new group. ‘It’ may not exist.

You probably formed your Small Group based around content, a church-wide campaign or a common interest.  To get a your group started, you may have asked people you did not know very well to be in your small group.  LifePoint even helps small groups start with people they may not know via a Group Link experience.  ‘It’ may be hard to develop.

Your new group formed with out much prior relationship.  It obediently met for the allotted amount of time for the campaign.  Now what?  Some of the couples haphazardly attended.  Other couples became good friends over the few weeks.  Now what?  How can we get ‘it’ in our group?

Here are a few follow-up ideas to deepen ‘it’ (Community) in your group :

1.  Great Beginnings: this is a six-week study to help your group form a stronger bond.  We provide this for all our new groups for free.  It is that important.

2.  Party: there is more to that monthly social that our Mom & Dad made us attend than we thought.  What opportunity is coming up that you could throw a party for? ie: Christmas open house with everyone’s favorite dessert.

3.  Lunches: invite someone in your group to lunch to get to know them more.  Discuss life, passion, hobbies and history more than the small group.  This takes the relationship deeper rather than more institutional (about meetings).

4. Service Project: once again, nothing unites a Small Group more than a common project or common enemy.  Look for service opportunities that unite the group around something outside the group.  ie: Angel Tree child, a local school’s need, community organizations that need help.

5. Re-commit with clear calendar and expectations: both of these are posted on for LifePoint Small Groups.  Plan ahead at least two months for now. Schedule meetings (we ask for 2 Bible Study times, 1 party and 1 service project each month) in advance with menus, subjects to be studied, and ask for members to pick a night to host the meeting.  (LP is asking groups to meet 5 times, including the party, between Nov 1 and Dec 31).

Small Groups are a lot like family, life happens, kids get sick, schedules change and sometimes someone gives you Titans’ tickets.  Oh well, let the relationship be stronger than the meeting times.  Grow the relationship more than emphasizing the meetings.