Number one discussion or question for most of our Small Groups is about childcare.  Is it just me or does this question only come up with church related events?  Has Sunday School taught our kids, keep our kids and allowed us the freedom as adults to do what we wanted to for so long that we have released the responsibility of planning for our children?  Okay, enough, let’s get to the answer:

LifePoint’s best answer for childcare is enlisting a student from our church to keep the kids for one hour of Bible Study.  My story:  I asked our Student minister to give me the names of junior or senior high girls who attend LP AND would be attending our student camp.  I contacted them one by one asking if they would be interested in going to camp for free.  Of course, they said ‘yes.’ Then I said our Small Group would take care of that if they would babysit one hour two or three times a month for our Small Group Bible Study time.  Now all I have to do is text them the time and address of our meeting and everyone leaves happy.

At other times we have just paid $5 per family (no matter the number of kids) for the one hour.  This has worked well for over two years now.

We only have the Bible Study for one hour, although our SG time is about two hours.  The kids and babysitter are highly encouraged to eat and hangout with us for the other hour.  We get to know our babysitter better.  She gets to hear adults converse about life, God, work and family.  We also get to hear about their life and camp experience, which we paid for.

Contact your church leadership about some names of people who can babysit for your group.  Build a relationship with the next generation that goes beyond just keeping your kids out of trouble for the hour.  It is about sharing Christ beyond our own group into a teens life.