Over the last week GroupLife of LifePoint has been to Atlanta and back!  History was made as we traveled to Atlanta to meet with Scott Mawdesley of North Point Community Church, Atlanta. We had a wonderful meal on Friday night that would make you kill to be a Coach! groupleader.org


Scott led a development time for the Coaches of GroupLife.  There are always areas in which we need to improve, learn new practices, and be encouraged as a leader in ministry.  Coaches laughed, learned and grew in community over the weekend.  GroupLife is at a historical high with Coaches like these leading the way. groupleader.org

On Tuesday night the Grouplife Celebration Banquet took place at LifePoint Church Smyrna Campus. DSCN2299

Leaders who serve on-campus and off-campus spent time learning about and experiencing Discipleship, Community and Service.  These Leaders came out in record attendance to share smiles, laughter and discussion.  Of course giveaways were plentiful from gift cards for Bass Pro  and Outback and everyone receiving a LifePoint special gift.


Bill Search of Southeast Christian Church, Louisville was our speaker focusing on growing in Discipleship.  Bill shared about keeping the Bible  DSCN2317alive in Small Groups.  He clarified we need to be careful about cliches, home spun wisdom, study choices and opinions.  The Banquet ended with the challenge to read through the Bible and help your group members read through the Bible in 2010.

History was made by GroupLife in this level of development opportunities (groupleader.org) as well as number of participants in each opportunity.  God has plans for each of us.  He has shared the importance of living in community throughout His word.  As you go about life this week share His love and grace with those around you.  DSCN2320