It is cold outside.  The pitcher’s mound in my back yard has been tarped for the last month due to excessive rains. Most of the Bugs are finishing up their Rec League fall season, in the middle of football season or cranking up for their basketball practices.  As you can tell these boys are athletes and therefore no down times in the life of a Bug or his family.

We have set the dates for the winter workouts (soon to be released) beginning in December. Coach Chris is currently designing workouts and schedules for the winter. We will also be scheduling optional weeknight skills training for those “who just can’t wait.”  While the football, fall ball and basketball seasons will be helpful for these athletes, we will still need to focus on baseball techniques and plays over the winter.

New Uniforms Are Coming in 2010!  Due to our rigorous schedule of over 130 games in 2008-09 and the players growing and spreading (not as much as the Coaches of course), Coach Pete will be spending the fall getting new uniforms designed and sponsored.   Sponsorship options will be released soon.

A BIG “Thank You” goes out to our Sponsors who made 2009 one of the best Bugs season ever!!!! To see a list of Smyrna Bugs Sponsors check out the Bugs website at