What can you learn on the front porch, with a glass of tea and a few minutes or hours?  The older I get the more I miss the instruction from our elders about life, people, decisions, and love. This past weekend I spent two days on the farm on which I grew up.  We did all the things four guys (three generations of Mosley’s) do, hunted, shot guns, road four-wheelers, planted turnips, worked on the four-wheelers, had great meals prepared by Granny and as well as full-course breakfasts each morning.

Many times over the couple of days I road past my Grandfather’s house where he and I used to sit on the porch and talk.  He would tell stories about stuff like:  “Raw-head and Bloody Bones” (a fictional character that kept us grand-kids close to home); “a dog can whip a skunk, but it ain’t worth it;” ‘always fix extra food in case someone comes by;” “be considerate of others” and “take care of you family.”

He passed away many years ago, but I will always be reminded (and carry with me forever) of the many lessons learned on the porch after supper.

About 21 years ago I married a girl from the country whose father reminds me of my Grandfather.  He spends time on his porch after supper sitting and talking with my kids.  I hear some of the same stories, life lessons, concern for life, concern for others and love for the kids that my Grandpa shared.  I smile as I hear him share because many of these lessons I learned from my Grandpa, others I heard but did not listen, but learned “the hard way.”

Opportunities to sit on the porch and be educated, by men who were not formally educated, are getting fewer.  We rush around from activity to activity and don’t take time to listen, learn and live out the valuable lessons of life from our elders.

I long for the front porch times in life. Are you following the education God allowed you to gain from an ‘uneducated’ man? Are you making time for the front porch, iced tea and elders?