Stepping into a new/old era of baseball tournaments, the Smyrna Bugs take second in The Music City Wood Bat Classic Tournament for 11u.  Although the Bugs (made up of 9s and 10s) play in 10 year olds and under, there were not enough 10u teams to make a tournament, so we played up.

I wish you could have been there to see the wood bats hit a lot of grounders and infield flies.  In three games, only four hits made it to the outfield grass.  It was a tournament of strategy, pitching and a few clutch bunts.  It was also the first tournament with additions of  Justin and Luke and the absence of Alex who was not able to play due to broken arm (he did sit in dugout and eat nachos though).

To sum up the Bugs performance I would have to say pitching and bunting topped the weekend.  Gresham threw harder than ever with Brandon and Dylan closing out the first game.  Game two saw Aaron going the entire game to get the win.  Key plays would have to be the bunts by Steven and running bases by Patrick, Gresham, and Steven, especially since the game was only 3-1.

Game three was all about strategy and solid infield.  Brandon and Dylan combined to shut down the opposers with Dylan introducing the talon pitch.  It was a pitch as ugly and confusing as it sounds and caused the batter to almost come out of his shoes as he swung.  Must be something Coach Wes picked up on the farm and it will be a pitch to watch for in the future.  A few key hits and great base running strategy led to a 4-1 win.

In the end it was the Smyrna Bugs 2-1 on the day and went home with a trophy plaque for each player.  Thank you All Star Contractors for sponsoring the Bugs in the 2009 Music City Wood Bat Classic.