When God does a great thing in your life you want to tell others.   In 2002 LifeWay Church Resources moved my family and I to Richmond Kentucky for me to serve as the Church Consultant for the entire state.  In the three years that followed I met many wonderful ministers and discovered God at work in many churches.  As I have said many times, Jeremiah 29:11 is very real in my life.  “I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans you know not of.”

Before moving to Kentucky, I was on staff at FBC Smyrna, TN as Minister of Education/Administration.  FBC has a history of internships and apprentices.  We practiced (and still practice) the “replace yourself” principle.  During this time I had an intern, Tommy, who served and learned about church growth, discipling people, and church facilities as the Education Intern.  Later, Tommy graduated and went to seminary in Louisville KY.  After graduation he was hired as the Minister of Education of Simpsonville Baptist Church outside of Louisville. Then in 2009 he was elected as President of the Kentucky Baptist Religious Educators Association.

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to return to Kentucky after four years as Director of GroupLife at LifePoint Church (formerly FBC Smyrna), Smyrna TN, I was invited back to Kentucky to share the LifePoint Story.  It was such a joy to get to see many of my friends and share what God is doing in and through LifePoint.  More than that was the joy of seeing a former student of LifePoint and former intern leading out as God has equipped and positioned him in Kentucky.

As I shared about the assimilation process of LifePoint and the Small Groups/Sunday School combination we are experiencing, Tommy was able to help explain through stories of his own life at LifePoint.

With an obvious smile on my face from seeing friends and watching a former intern lead, I shared our story and hopefully encouraged the many Educators concerning helping people connect to God and others.   Each of us strive to disciple others and help each other become more Christ-Centered.  Thank you KBREA and Tommy for giving me a chance to share and learn from you!