“It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming,”  is a phrase made famous by Tony Campolo (author/speaker) in the ’80’s. He writes about this phrase being used in Easter sermons to describe the difference Jesus Christ made. I have always loved the meaning behind this and recently experienced it in a somewhat different, but personal way.

It’s Friday with prayer walking, sound checks, check-in stations prepared, mowing the lawn, parking lot cleaned, rooms set up, people excited.  It’s Friday and people are driving by wondering what all is happening.

It’s Friday but they wondered what Sunday would bring.  Families had watched the numbers on the count-down sign decrease pointing toward Sunday. Other families went about their normal Friday routine not having a clue how this new LifePoint Church campus would impact their lives.  It’s Friday and families are getting excited about the weekend, because, well it is the weekend.

Sunday came.  Parking lot overflowing, parking in the grass and on the drive.  Smiles everywhere as you enter the building.  Parents lined up checking in their kids very excited to see what God would do today. Auditorium full, every seat occupied, people standing against the wall. Worship inspiring, message clear and challenging. September 13, 2009, the new LifePoint Church, Stewarts Creek Campus was open and flowing with Christ’s spirit of love and mercy.

Sunday came and families drove by wondering what all the excitement was about. Families who had no clue, suddenly found themselves being invited to a Small Group.  Several neighbors prayed on Friday and Sunday came to put into action all they had prayed about.  Three new Small Groups were birthed on Sunday afternoon.  These new groups were inspired on Sunday morning and developed on that afternoon.  Couples inviting neighbors to their home that night for Bible Study, Community and conversation. Thirty people lived a normal Friday, but Sunday came and that all changed.  They joined a Small Group to learn, discuss and receive God’s gift, His love, His community in their lives.

It was Friday, but Sunday came and we are forever changed.

Another Friday will be here soon, but Sunday’s coming!  What are you going to do with it?