For your life, God has plans you don’t know about!   (Jeremiah 29:11) This has become clear in my life over the last three years.  In 2007 LifePoint Church’s Fielder’s Choice Baseball organization went on mission in Brooklyn, NY.  We worked with a local church and baseball league to put on a clinic for kids of Brooklyn.  During that week we met Cali Magallanes of Baseball Chapel.

Later that year MLB Winter Meetings were held in Nashville.  Cali and I met again and discussed how God had allowed us to meet and wondered what the future might hold with Fielder’s Choice.  (Brooklyn Baseball Clinic 2007,  Mexico Baseball Clinic 2008, Smyrna Coach’s Clinic 2008 & 2009)

This past weekend I had the privilege of flying to Philadelphia to meet with two churches and the President of the Roberto Clemente Baseball League.  Cali introduced us and let us discuss a potential clinic in the spring for over 100 boys 15-18 years old who play in Reading, PA.

You never know what God has planned for the future when you meet someone.  He has introduced me to many people whom He has later used in a major way in my life.  Cali is one of the people He introduced me to and has continued to use in my life and ministry. Never take a greeting for granted!

Fielders Choice is a group of baseball enthusiasts who lead player and coach’s clinics.  Fielders Choice, founded and led by former MLB Pitcher Charlie Mitchell, uses the combined abilities and knowledge of baseball veterans to help players become the best they can be.  Starting with foundational drills and squads, Fielders Choice helps participants gather the correct form and techniques to better enable them to enjoy the game.  Fielders Choice is comprised of leaders who represent various levels of baseball, including Little League, High School, College, Minor Leagues and Major League Baseball.   Each of our leaders are actively pursuing a growing relationship with Jesus Christ as they allow Him to work through them and use their abilities to share His love. Fielders Choice is co-sponsored by LifePoint Church, Smyrna, Tennessee and the individuals who lead this ministry.