You would have thought it was early spring on the ball field yesterday. Temps in the upper 70s and light wind out of the north.  Bright sunshine filled the prepared field as the boys rolled in for a hardy practice.  Coach Wes and Coach Eddie along with some Dads tried their hands at shagging during batting practice.  Each sharing what they stretched or tore on every hit, also sharing laughter only a day in the outfield can give.

The next couple of hours were focused on infield practice with the team lined up fielding and throwing.  Then the practice intensity stepped up to quick hands practice that led to double play instruction.  A couple of secret Bugs plays were added (tune in next spring to see these in action). Each player got his chance to show his love and ability for the game and various positions.  Missing Alex (broken arm) and Luke (out of town), the Bugs shared their high hopes of success when these two guys return.

We added bunting practice to the mix, both bunting and fielding a bunt instruction.  The infield learned some new ways to make plays, their position when the play was called out, and confidence building resulted.

Then it was time for the old guys to do some pitching.  Coach David and Coach Eddie had their time on the mound.  Coach David brought the heat but got lite up a few times.  Coach Eddie came in for relief and only hit one batter, but he hit him twice. Coach Chris rolled in and pulled him and finished out the practice on the mound.

Next outing is scrimmage along with the long awaited Wood-Bat Tournament the end of September.  Stay tuned.