The Smyrna Bugs had their annual “End of Summer” party at the home of Dylan’s Grandmother.  The pool party was enjoyed by all even though the temperatures did not rise above 82 degrees.

I am sure you know the usual brownies, bar-b-que, swimming, tennis/metal bat baseball in the yard, and a little chicken-fighting in the pool.  Laughter, arguments over the calls by umpire Tom, discussion of big games, and great plays could be heard throughout the subdivision.  As Patrick, Brandon, Chase, Aaron and Bryce played chicken fight in the pool, Chris, Eddie, Wes and David kept their distance.

The Coach’s Awards were as unique as the individuals who make up this family.  Each Coach received a photo scrap book with photos of each player of the 2009 Spring/Summer season as well as weekly blog posts and web-site info.  As each Coach read through their book, silence and maybe a tear accompanied them.  What a special gift that Bryce’s family worked delivered to commemorate a special year of baseball.

We welcomed Justin and Luke to the team and discussed the unique fall season of two tournaments and weekly practices.  This fall we plan to play in our first wooden bat tournament.  Gresham’s BamBooBat of black and white has already arrived.  Stay tuned for updates of Bugs Baseball for Fall 2009.  And, by the way, thank you Smyrna Bugs for the chance to be part of this family.