“In the Know” is the title for LifePoint’s Wednesday night series for parents, grandparents, guardians and Christ-followers to help the next generation.  More simply, how to raise our kids to be Christ-followers, good citizens, and leaders in the community and their schools.

Last night we started with the basics of “How to pass on the Faith.” 1. Building the relationship is the key to having an impact on anyone, especially our kids.  2. Building trust for the futures is highly dependent on how we react to situations now.  3. Passing on the Faith depends on the previous two and how we use teachable moments now.   4. And LifePoint helps via Small Groups that are built around or build relationships.

The 90 Second Rule by Jim Fannin brought the most comments.  And frankly is probably the easiest to put into practice to make the difference in our families, our relationships, and our future.  Check it out http://www.90secondrule.com/

Can you start The 90 Second Rule in your life today?  To quote a comment from the session, “It could be revolutionizing.”