What makes a great Coach? Taking what you have and making winners out of them. Anyone can scout the state, pay their way, give them a free ride and maybe make a winning team.  But it takes talent, knowledge, and wisdom to take a group of boys and win tournaments.  A great coach knows the plays, teaches the plays, motivates kids, keeps them focused and helps them become more instinctive about playing the game.

bugs world series 047I want to thank Coach Chris & Coaching staff of the Smyrna Bugs for the knowledge, ability, expertise he has brought to a group of good kids and made them winners.  Not just on the field, but for life.  The lessons taught at practice were displayed on the field for many to see.  But the lessons taught in the huddles, in the prayers, about life (winning & loosing) that have helped, not only the players, but hopefully some of us parents, family and friends.


The reputation you get by winning is not always one of love from other teams.  But there has never been a game, a play, a cheer, or an attitude displayed that was of cheating, lying, or talking bad about other teams or coaches.   The attitude displayed by the coaches I have had the joy to serve with have taught me a lot about baseball and life.

DSCN1221Years ago I experienced how a group of 11 baseball players who play as a team can beat a collection of 11 all-star studs.  I have seen this lived out over the last four years by the Smyrna Bugs as our coaches have encouraged, taught, motivated, and instructed the guys to play their best as a team.


Thanks guys for four wonderful years of baseball!