You missed it.  Saturday was an fun day for the Smyrna Bugs as they took two games by a large margin.  Game 1 was a combination on the mound of Dayton & Aaron.  Diamond Gem to Dayton for, after loading the bases with no outs, struck out the side.  An unfortunate Diamond Gem to Brandon who took a fastball in the center of his back, but continued to play the complete game.  Other defensive plays that we actually laughed at was the grounder hit off the pitcher’s, Dayton, glove to Patrick who used his glove to deflect it toward second where the waiting Gresham who was able to scoop the ball off the dirt as he kept his right foot on the bag.  All this combined to get the out at second.

Dylan pitched to close out the second game.  Not sure how fast, but was able to throw three knuckle balls, two curves several change ups with a few fast balls mixed in.  Two times the fans rose to their feet on long fly balls by Gresham and Bryce  as they thought the ball was over the fence.  On this day no Bug hit it over the 175′ fence, but it was exciting to come that close.

Sunday the bracket would require us to win three games to get the championship.  With Sunday rain looming again, we rushed through the first two games with clear wins.  Great defense and hitting gave us leads and moved us into the championship game.

Evidently the Bugs got tired.  Pitching began to stumble, errors happening on both infield and outfield.  When this Bugs get down it is sometimes very difficult to turn them around.  However, on this day they stayed strong.  They continued to hit the ball hard, even a few off the left field fence and line drives finding their way into the outfield.  In the fifth inning the game came to a screeching halt when lighting lite up the sky over Mt. Juliet ball fields.  The bugs behind by seven runs ended up taking home the title of Tennessee BPA Runner Up.

2009 Season record:  41-7