4. Train members for Glocal ministry. Glocal is the new word around LifePoint for mission efforts locally and globally.  (Bob Roberts actually coined the word I believe.) Each Small Group (SG) Leader has the opportunity to see people in their Small Group become missionaries through serving individually, as a team or as a group; either locally or globally.  As we see God use LifePoint Church to take his message of love and forgiveness to Belgium, Bangkok, Brazil, Mexico, Seattle, India, Smyrna, Murfreesboro, Antioch, Walter Hill, Stewarts Creek, Nolensville, and Lavergne, the SG Leader becomes more vital to helping disciple the future SG Pastors and Leaders of each of these areas.  What an impact you can have on the world as God works through you to help others hear the call to minister and lead around the world.
5. Live out DCS in every SG. These are the three objectives of GroupLife and every Small Group.  Living out Discipleship, Community & Service has become almost second nature for many groups as they practice the basic processes for each.

Discipleship: Bible Study 2 times a month minimum, pray for unchurched, worship personally in a quiet time and attend corporately, develop future leaders.

Community: host monthly socials and quarterly I2I events, be accountable to one another, share the work load.

Service: encourage members to serve each other, the church, the community and the world.

Take a moment to consider how your group is doing on each of these.  Which one is your group living out well?  Which is your weakest objective?  Help your group live these out in the next six months by celebrating the strongest one and planning for the weakest.  We have curriculum suggestions at the Crosswalk to help your group grow in each of these areas.

Focus Five: Connect People, Grow SG spiritually and numerically.  Develop multiplying leaders, Train for Glocal Ministry, Live out DCS in every SG.