The Smyrna Bugs played in the Music City Nationals this weekend in Franklin TN.  Headed into the semi-finals on Sunday, the sky opened up and for about 4 minutes the rain poured down on the field.  When it finished it left a path of destruction on the field.  Three teams were remaining to determine the champions of the tournament.  Unfortunately for these teams, families and friends, we will never know who would come out as the tournament winners because the final two games of the tournament were canceled due to rain.  You can’t get upset about the things you cannot control, rain being one of them.

However the weekend was an educational one for me and several other parents.  We discovered how loosing can sour people’s spirit.  Once soured, they attack others.  As stated by a competitive sports fan friend of mine “Losing is the alcohol of the competitive.  It removes the inhibitions and shows the ‘real’ you.”

You know when your spirit is soured because you begin to talk bad about the teams that beat you rather than talk about what you could have done to win.  Sour when you attack the players, coaches, and families of those same teams, rather than analyze your own plays and abilities.  Your nature changes from improving your own teams abilities and focuses on attack others.

Pride- in yourself, your possessions, your abilities- brings destruction. Humility -before God, before others, before yourself- brings honor.  God delights in raising up the lowly (Proverbs 15:33) but He despises the proud (6:16-17; 16:5).  A proud person fights himself (8:36), others (13:10), and God (16:5), and eventually his end is destruction.

As I tried to step away and study the lessons of this season, this one will be a life-long lesson.  We can all improve, whether at work, in relationships, in sports, in life; it takes extra effort to critic ourselves rather than attack others.  This effort, or lack of it, WILL be noticed by others and our spirit will shine through, whether sweet or sour.