3. Develop Multiplying Leaders: This focus is vitally important to the future of Small Group (SG) Life at your church.  And for some the future of your career. 🙂 Multiplying leaders are those who see the Kingdom of God as something bigger than their local SG.  These leaders understand the opportunity they have to impact the lives of their friends, family and neighbors.  Multiplying leaders know that in the next 6, 12, or 18 months their Coach will be asking about an apprentice and the need for another Small Group.  They realize that this is not about them, but through their obedience to let God work through them will see Him grow more leaders to share the love of Christ with others.

How do they understand, know and realize these things?  Through sharing stories at every opportunity.  We conduct Small Group Luncheons every quarter where stories of life change are first and foremost.  Every baptism at LifePoint is preceded by a video story of the person being baptized where they briefly share their story and thank those who were instrumental in their becoming a Christ-follower.  We train/develop –via GroupLeader.org, Coach’s Coffee Time, emails, phone calls, and annual banquet–the necessity of apprenticing.  This IS the foundation for multiplying leaders.  Who could have the opportunity to become a Christ-follower if you suggested to your group, “hey, why don’t each of us start a SG with four other couples in August and see what God will do?”  With that invitation, you may be surprised what God does.

See also LifePoint’s GroupLife Development site aritcle:  Developing Multiplying Leaders at GroupLeader.org