The final words of Coach Chris after the Bugs game on Sunday. Two strong games by the Bugs on Saturday led to a Sunday appearance in the Smyrna Summer Slam tournament.

Saturday was a show to watch.  The Bugs were hitting and making some defensive plays that encouraged us all.  Steven had a diamond gem when he  made a shoestring catch on a pop fly behind short.  He ran from center field, having to kick in the extra gear only Steven has, to get to the ball before it made it the outfield grass.  The gasp of amazement came from the crowd as he smiled and trotted off the field with the ball securely in his glove.

Another memorable moment, (not sure if the play or the comments will stick with me longer) was when Gresham went deep in the hole at short to backhand a grounder, step and throw the runner out at first.  Bryce, playing first, had to make the extra stretch to catch the ball ahead of the runner. Bryce told Gresh as they ran off the field, “Gresham, don’t make me have to stretch that much anymore, I almost ripped my pants.”

I hope someone got a photo of Alex when he bunted one of prettiest bunts (can bunts be pretty?) down the third base line getting a sinlge AND moving the runners over.  It was exciting to see Bryce, Ryan and Dylan all get big hits, some resulting in stand-up doubles, in both games.  These guys have been working on some special batting practices that some Dads have introduced.  What a weekend for these father-son practices to pay off.

Dayton, Gresham and Alex combined in the first game to get the win.  Each pitcher did their job well and continue to gain speed on their fastball.  The second game saw Brandon and Aaron combine for the win to keep the Bugs undefeated on Saturday.


Sunday was a little different story.  Facing the Roaddogs with their strong lefty on the mound, and at 8am was a quick wake up call for the Bugs.  Behind 2-1 through the 5th, the Bugs broke it loose to win the game 5-3.  This put us in the semi-finals at four 0clock and gave us a much needed cool off period.

The semi-final game paired us with M’boro Crush.  This game was as tense as a championship game.  Both teams saw low scoring and struggles at the plate.  Bugs bats cooled off and the heat took its toll through the afternoon.  There was little normal excitement from any of the Bugs, not even the wild and crazy stretches of Chase or the enjoyable hook slides of Patrick.  Nothing seemed to get the Bugs turned on. The game, mostly tied at 3 through five innings, ended with Crush scoring the winning run in the bottom of the sixth.

The final words of Coach Chris after the Bugs loss, “Hey guys we lost and that happens in baseball, but the sun will come up in the morning and we will play again.”  It did!  and We will!