We are challenging the Small Groups of LifePoint Church to keep the focus on five things through 2009.  These are the things we feel are important for our division, the reason we exist; the place, position, opportunity, and purpose for which we serve.

Focus Five:

1. Connect People:  being a Christ-follower is all about the relationship.  It is through relationships we enjoy life, we share life and we experience life.  Because of or through a relationship we hear about Christ, we inquire about Christ, and He reveals Himself to us.  With Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc we are able to know a lot about people, people who do not know us and people we do not truly know. But true connection, foundational relationships are not as common as they were 25 years ago.  People are mobile, programed, scheduled, and focused; maybe too much, on work/family/money/etc.  GroupLife is here in part to help people connect and build relationships.  Christianity is not a lone-religion, it is a living relationship.

2. Grow small groups spiritually & numerically
.  This is the part that gets confusing for some churches.  “It is all about the numbers” many say.  I love numbers and these are some of the  numbers from Jesus’ life that guide me daily:  5000,  3000, 72, 12, 3.  This focus is not about the numbers for a Monday morning meeting.  This focus is based on proven fact that if you do not guide and help people grow spiritually, the numerical will not happen.  We must keep as one of our focuses to connect people to our group, in our church, or in our ministry to a situation, environment, or relationship that will help them be (as I often say) “more like Jesus next year than they are today.”  That should be a goal for each of us.  Because of spiritual growth of individuals, we see group spiritual growth as well.  Through this God places people in our lives He wants to see loved, cared for and discipled,  As the group grows spiritually, the opportunity to start another group blossoms.  Through other groups starting more friends, family, co-workers, fellow coaches, kids, families, PEOPLE become Christ-followers and grow in their spiritual journey.

Think on these two for the rest of this week.  What is God saying to you?  About your relationships?  About your relationship with Him?

Next Thursday, more of the Focus Five from GroupLife.