The Smyrna Bugs played at Music City Park in Nashville, Tennessee this past weekend.  I am not sure who owns, operates, maintains Music City, but it is one of the nicest, fan friendly parks in which we have played.  With music between innings, covered stands, carnival tents with picnic tables, a mini-practice field and grass infields.  Dragging and watering the dirt between games added the tournament feel.  And the dugouts hosted a batting cage, bullpen and fenced on-deck area.  It was obvious several generations of TLC had been poured into this park.  Thank you to whomever!

The Bugs played back-to-back games on hot Saturday.  A couple of diamond gems took place this weekend as well.  Aaron caught a fly in left field and threw a bullet to Ryan at first to double off the runner.  A ‘bullet’ does not do it justice.  Aaron made a long, straight throw to first arriving chest high to Ryan, who did not even have to stretch.  In another game, Ryan also showed up by making a stabbing backhand catch at third and throwing the runner out at first.  Steven had a great weekend with his hitting being back and getting several base hits this weekend.  One hit was very high and roughly 198 feet long (of the 200 foot field), but curved foul by 2 feet.

Sunday was a long day for the Bugs, playing the Grassland Wildcats at 8am.  Bugs came away winners. Unfortunate though for the Wildcats was their catcher being injured while catching.  We hope he recovers quickly!

Mid-morning was a break, worship services for some, as well as a quick nap. 🙂 Then back to the park for two more games.  A long outing for the Bugs ended up pairing them against their ole rivals Tennessee Ravens, again.  If you have followed the Smyrna Bugs over the years you know the history of these two great teams.   Usually facing each other in semi-finals or championship games, the best of 9u baseball always shows up when these two face each other.

The weekend ended late for the Bugs.  The Championship game against the Ravens did not end until 9:00pm.   Several pitchers saw action in this game, starting with Dayton who was throwing the heat from the first pitch on.  Followed by lefty (slider-Snyder) Aaron who brought the junk to keep the Ravens off balance.  Then Gresham was able to pitch and get three outs to keep us in the game.  Alex was called in to pitch the last inning bringing his special change-up into action. This inning was not without worries.  The Ravens had pecked away at all the pitchers, but gave their biggest challenge to Alex in this last inning.  With two outs, they loaded the bases.  A long fly ball to center brought the tired fans to their feet.  Both sides held their breath as everyone knew this would end the game. Either a win for the Bugs by a catch or a win for the Ravens with a base hit.  It was easily long enough to clear the bases if it made it past Steven in center.  Steven running, makes the basket catch to end the game and the Bugs win the championship game 11-9.

If you everm hear that the Smyrna Bugs are facing the Tennessee Ravens, make your way to the ballpark.  If you like presure-packed baseball, you will enjoy seeing these two teams play!