We talk a lot about coaching, apprenticing, training the next generation and mentoring.  I always reference Jethro and Moses when trying to explain the organizational chart we have put together.  You know, the five teach five and they teach five;  or five lead five and they lead five; etc.  A friend of mine gave me a quote from the book Transformissional Coaching by Steve Ogne and Tim Roehl that adds another dimension as well as bring clarity to this story from the Bible, Exodus 18:7-24.

“Jethro coached Moses by meeting with him (v. 7), taking time to find out how he was doing personally (v.7), listening to him about the ups and downs of his journey (v. 8), celebrating with him (v.9), worshipping with him (v. 12), eating with him (v.12), watching him at work (v.14), asking him probing questions (v. 15), challenging unproductive behavior (v.17), and giving wise counsel (vv. 18-23).  Jethro is a great Old Testament model of a coach.  He indeed was a friend of God and a friend of God’s man.”

I could, and I might, pull out many stories, ideas, strategies from each of these practices.  Re-read the above quote and think about what God may be trying to show you, challenge you, or equip you so that you can take the next step on the journey.